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NordronData analysis for you!

At Nordron AB, we do two things–data analysis and angel investments. We are specialised in identifying the part of your data that contains information that can help you take better decisions. In technical terms, we identify informative attributes, features, and decision variables based on historical data in a supervised learning setting. We then use these to build deep neural networks for prediction. We are specialised in the use of convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks for image analysis. If you are interested in our consultancy services or a startup looking for the first round of angel investments, please, contact us.

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    Data analysis using Deep learning

    We are specialised at data mining methods that can identify informative features or attributes with reliable confidence based on historical data. The identified features constitute the right decision variables that you need to, for example, predict if a customer will accept your next offer or not or make a medical diagnosis. Data mining approaches are today used to identify thousands of Biomarker candidates that can be used for diagnosis in Medicine, or more generally, as indicators of a biological state or condition. We mitigate the current reproducibility and specificity problem by providing a reliable measure of confidence for each Biomarker candidate.
    Thanks to big data, parallel computation, efficient algorithms, and open source software artificial neural networks are now the model of choice for prediction in most cases. Commonly the artificial neural network model is treated as a black box and little is understood about what happens inside it. When that is not acceptable to you or you want to reduce the model then we can help you.
    We provide discrete and cost efficient consultancy.

    Angel investments

    Current and past investments:

    1. ContentMap AB/ContentMap Corp.
    2. Virtual Internship Partners Ltd.
    3. Trailze Ltd.
    4. Stakester Ltd.
    5. Unity Chain, Inc.
    6. Y Translate Limited
    7. Darmiyan, Inc.
    8. Jagah Systems AB
    If you fulfil the following criteria, then we can invest up to 0.5-5% of equity:
    1. A compassionate team with ethics and moral.
    2. A business idea that will generate value and improve the life of some living being.
    3. A clearly defined pain point of your customers and solution that is 10x better than the competition.
    4. A small beachhead vertical where you can achieve a monopoly position.
    5. An internationally scalable business model that can be applied to other verticals.
    6. A reason for why you will be the last mover in the industry.
    7. Founders that listen and value critique.
    8. Founders that have invested their own money and are investing their time with a salary that only covers necessary living expenses.
    9. You are looking to raise the first round of angel investments.